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Mechanical Springs

Wire Springs

A heavy-duty helical spring designed for compression and tension. A spring is an elastic object used to store mechanical energy. Springs are usually made out of spring steel. There are a large number of spring designs; in everyday usage the term often refers to coil springs. A metal wire spring that functions in a spring mechanism that compresses, extends,rotates, slides, pulls and exerts force when an equal or greater force is applied. A spring mechanism can exert pressure, rotational force or pulling strength in a variety of ways. For help with mechanical spring design use our spring calculator.

The examples below show numerous advantageous ways mechanical springs used in a spring mechanism can help improve your product. Mechanical Springs is a type of spring device that is manufactured by machining bar stock with a lathe and/or milling operation rather than coiling wire. Since it is machined, the spring may incorporate features in addition to the elastic element. Machined springs can be made in the typical load cases of compression/extension, torsion, etc.


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