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Fourslide Stampings

Flat Springs

Fourslide metal stamping is a metal forming process in which flat stock sheet metal, formed from metals such as steel, aluminum, zinc, nickel and titanium, etc., is shaped into predetermined parts in a stamping press. During press operation, the slide, or ram, maintains movement to and from a motionless table called a press bed. The die, a press tool consisting of a specially designed cavity, shapes metal parts from the inserted sheet metal. The upper component of the die connects to the press slide, and the lower component connects to the press bed. A die component called the punch performs the necessary shaping operation by pushing the sheet metal through the die.

Fourslide metal stamping, a process that integrates stamping and forming operations, creates stamped metal parts and wire forms from strips and wire consisting of steel, copper, aluminum, bronze and many other metals. From these stock metal strips, manufacturers create small, intricate parts, which may require bends greater than 90°. During slide forming, sliding tools glide into the metal blank from four directions at right angles to one another, bending the metal around a vertical mandrel. The slide forming area is equipped with timed mechanisms called cams, which regulate slide movement. These additional movements allow fourslides to produce complex parts with multiple bends and twists. Highly versatile and precise fourslide metal stamping machines can perform a number of operations before ejecting the part, sometimes completely producing a part in one four-slide operation.


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