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CNC Winding, Coiling and Bending Machinesfor the Production of all Types of Springs. Designed for the production of torsion, extension and extended loop springs and bent parts, the WAFIOS FMU series opens up a host of new options for the spring industry.



In the manufacture of torsion springs, tension springs and extended loop springs, as well as bent parts, the CNC spring and wire forming systems in the FMU series by WAFIOS are the epitome of the very best in quality and performance. WAFIOS is proud to present the next generation of the globally successful FMU series – with a new software concept, optimized machine design and build and even lower maintenance requirements.

Over past decades, the machines in the FMU series by WAFIOS have established themselves firmly in the wire-processing industry, becoming synonymous with maximum universality and optimum performance. With the new FMU 16 and FMU 25, which work in the wire diameter range from 0.40 to 1.60 mm and 0.80 to 2.50 mm respectively, WAFIOS is showcasing machines for torsion spring applications which feature numerous innovations.

The basic version machines in the new series are equipped with eight highly dynamic energy-efficient CNC axes. The modular way in which the FMU series has been designed and built means that the machines can be configured with up to 24 CNC axes and thus made ready to provide the best possible solution to each and every customer requirement. Moreover, the very latest monitoring and control technology safeguards the process of manufacturing springs against errors.

A fundamental innovation compared with the predecessor models in the series (FMU 1.2 / 1.7 and FMU 2.2 / 2.7) is the complete revision of the control components. A new and neatly laid out 21.5" multi-touch monitor guides the user through a simplified data input process for standard tools. The new 'EasyTab' programming module by WAFIOS provides simple and logical preconfigured programming sequences which significantly reduce the amount of data that has to be entered during programming, speeding up the set-up process dramatically as a result. For the first time, operators are able to view and can easily change geometric, technological and axis-specific data inputs and corrections on a unique, clear and redesigned screen mask.

And that's not all. The use of new drive technology combined with the new energy efficiency system developed by WAFIOS means that individual drives can be shut down if necessary. Modules that are not required can thus be parked at the machine, saving space and ensuring safety. The FMU 16 and the FMU 25 also support sequence simulation with collision detection and production/cycle time calculation – a first for the FMU series.

The machine retains the position of all axes even after being powered down. The use of motors with the very latest encoder systems means that buffer batteries now no longer have to be used in the axes, simplifying maintenance work and increasing operational reliability. Moreover, the ability to reuse tools from predecessor models safeguards compatibility within existing production installations.

Thanks to maximum flexibility, the FMU 16 and FMU 25 support a very wide range of parts. The machines are used to manufacture products in the car and motorcycle industries, in household appliances and the electronics industry as well as in the fields of mechanical and medical engineering.

Customer requirements were the focal point at every stage of the design and development of the FMU 16 and FMU 25 machines. Key criteria included not only maximum output quantities, straightforward and transparent programming, and secured quality standards, but also the cost of investment. This means that whether you choose to get started with the 8-axis entry-level models or select one of the modular configuration levels which can be expanded to support up to 24 CNC axes, getting started with FMU technology will always be incredibly attractive from a pricing perspective.