Manufacturer of the Year

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Manufacturer of the Year - Spring Works Utah was honored to be named Manufacturer of the Year by the Utah Manufacturers Association at the 108th Annual UMA Awards.

The Manufacturer of the Year award is given for outstanding performance in operational excellence, economic achievement, workplace safety, community outreach, and fidelity to the principles of free enterprise. According to Todd Bingham, UMA President, Spring Works Utah fills a unique and necessary niche in the manufacturing community: “Utah’s manufacturing industry is very diverse, covering nearly every imaginable area. From aerospace to medical, and defense to composites, food to basic metal manufacturing, Spring Works Utah plays a vital role in this industry. Embodying the very essence of manufacturing, Spring Works Utah is imperative to Utah’s manufacturing industry by creating components that assist a myriad of companies with the development of their products.

Spring Works Utah continually adds value to the manufacturing industry, which creates new wealth for a growing economy in Utah." Spring Works Utah’s diverse knowledge base and excellent customer service have stimulated impressive growth within the company. To supplement this growth, Spring Works Utah relocated to a larger and more modern facility. They have also added over a dozen new machines, and thus new capabilities, to their production line. ISO 9001 certified since 2004, they also became AS9100 certified in 2012.  These new machines and qualifications allow Spring Works Utah to provide support and parts to a wider range of customer in more diverse industries.


Manufacturer of the Year