100 Fastest Growing Companies

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MountainWest Capital Network (MWCN) announced and honored Spring Works Utah as one of the fastest growing company in Utah for 2014

at the 20st annual Utah 100 Awards Program recognizing the 100 fastest growing companies in Utah.

This is during a time when Utah continues to break all economic indicators as one of the hottest growth states in the country, we’re very pleased to honor Spring Works Utah as one the the top 100 year’s fastest growing company in Utah. We recognize each company of the Utah 100 and congratulate them on their growth and success.

MountainWest Capital Network celebrated its winners for the 2014 Utah 100 Awards Program, which recognizes the 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Utah. This marks 20 years of the Utah 100 and is a milestone for MWCN. “It is our pleasure to honor these inspiring Utah businesses,” said Reed Chase, President of MWCN. “We have been very fortunate to watch and celebrate the true success stories in Utah. We can expect great things from these 2014 companies in the future.”

The Utah 100 is built from companies and businesses throughout the state of Utah that represent numerous industries and practices, and that have had successful revenue growth in the past year. These companies lead the way in business innovation, showcasing Utah as a business-friendly state. MWCN is dedicated to helping the state’s aspiring entrepreneurs and utilizes the Utah 100 to reward those whose hard work has produced successful intellectual capital. The Utah 100 honors three categories: the 100 fastest growing companies in Utah, the 15 Emerging Elite and the top 15 revenue growth companies. The Emerging Elite are Utah businesses that have between 2–5 years of operation and show significant promise for future growth and success. The Top Revenue Growth Companies are those businesses who have had significant revenue gains from year to year.


100 Fastest Growing Companies