Leading Manufacturer of Custom Springs Worldwide

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Our Company

Spring Works Utah Inc.

Established in 1983, Spring Works Utah has over 30 years as the leading design and production spring manufacturer. The primary function of Spring Works is the design and production of springs and wire forms for every market imaginable, from aerospace and medical to entertainment and recreation. We supply products to multimillion dollar companies around the world, as well as to individuals looking for a single part. Spring Works Utah also provides complimentary consultation services with regards to spring/wire form design, so the customer receives the quality part they need to the exact specifications required.

Our Manufacturing Process

We take pride in our quality program and reputation for precision workmanship in industries worldwide. This has allowed us to become a leader in the industry and make complicated parts that other companies are unable to manufacture. The engineers at Spring Works Utah are with their customers from the initial stages of a project until its conclusion. They provide constant consultation, guiding the customer with their extensive experience, guaranteeing that the end product fulfills the customer needs. They provide support for every facet of the manufacturing process, from design and experimentation to production and assembly.

Manufacturing Reputation

Our quality level and commitment to customers sets us apart from our competition. Our engineers work with this individual throughout the entire design and manufacturing process, guiding them through every facet of the product line, from design to assembly. We design a product to fit their needs, review all the relevant data and make sure they understand how the design works, and then manufacture the necessary parts to create their product. With our complimentary consultation, our level of knowledge and experience, and our desire to offer the best product for the lowest price, we are the best option available for customers.

Industries We Supply

Spring Works Utah has specialized in the manufacture of springs, wire forms, and stampings for any conceivable application for many years. We create that hidden product that isn’t considered until it’s needed. We design and/or produce products for every industry imaginable, and for many well-known companies and industries world wide.



Industry Awards

We are honored for the industry awards and recognition we have received recently from top publications. We believe that is a direct result of the hard work and dedication we put towards each customer’s project in regards to quality, innovation, performance, and service. Some of our most recent awards include: Inc. 5000’s list of Fastest Growing Companies, Mountain West Capital Network Utah 100 & the Utah Manufacturers Associations “Manufacturer of the Year”